Monday, May 13, 2013

Restaurant Review: Kaneda Japanese Restaurant

Last Saturday, a few of my friends and I dined at Kaneda Japanese Restaurant. Our initial plans were to  have hot pot but due to miscommunications with the restaurant, we couldn't get a table large enough. So four of us left to eat something else (not to mention it was quite a warm evening!).

We settled for Japanese food. We wanted to try Sushi Hotaru since quite a number of my friends have raved about it, but the line was way too long!

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant was close by and I had yet to try it.

Kaneda is located in the CBD in the Mid City Arcade on Bourke St. It's quite a small restaurant but it wasn't very busy when we arrived (~7:30 pm). The interior is lovely - plenty of Japanese deco.

We ordered the Kaneda Deluxe Sushi Platter, yukke, soft shelled crab and other individual dishes for the boys (because they eat a lot).

Yukke is a personal favourite of mine. For those of you who don't frequent Japanese food, it's raw beef with raw egg yolk on top. The yukke at Kaneda is alright at best. It's not their best dish but it's not terrible either. I would probably skip it since there are places that have better yukke.

The Kaneda Deluxe platter comes with about 15 slices of sashimi, california rolls, maki rolls (shown in the photo below) as well as nigiri sushi. It's priced at $38 which is about what you'd expect for a platter this size. There isn't much to complain about this - the fish was good, presentation was excellent. The only bad thing is that it comes with only one of each of the nigiri types - which may make it a little difficult to share, but we managed fine. 

Some other things we ordered were sukiyaki (not pictured) and soft shelled crab (pictured above). The boys enjoyed their individual mains so don't hesitate to order their hot dishes!

Service was good - not excellent, but about what you'd expect from an Asian restaurant. Food comes out at a reasonable pace. We left quite satisfied! My share for dinner came to about $22 - including green tea and the Japanese marble drink - so it was pretty okay priced too. They do have lunch specials I believe (from what I've seen of the menu).

If you're in Melbourne, definitely check this place out!

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