Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Filofax Week 13/05 - 19/05

I had such strong cupcake cravings on Monday it was crazy! Friends and I went to Knox to hang around a little - namely at Toys R Us. It's strange... every time we go and hang out somewhere, we always end up with children's toys...
I also had a pretty strong cupcake craving. To be perfectly honest, I personally don't like cupcakes. I like the idea of cupcakes. Most of the time the cake is far too dry for my liking. I like things like almond blondies where the cake is moist and dense.

I watched Bubzbeauty's Bra Fitting Video and I've gotta say, I never realised I was wearing the wrong bra. I mean, my bra was a little uncomfortable, but I thought the next cup size would be too big. I took advantage of Chadstone's VIP night to buy some new bras. I came out of Bras n Things very happy and pleasantly surprised. My 12C/14Bs were actually 14Ds! It goes to show that the cup alone doesn't really say how "big" you are. It's because of how breasts are portrayed in media that a lot of girls underestimate their size.

Saturday was a huge day. I played paintball with a few friends and we had a coupon for cheaper paintball. It still wasn't all that cheap ($40) but seeing as I've never been, I decided to give it a try. And what a terrible idea that was. I'm someone who bruises like a peach and has a very low pain threshold. I got hit a few times in the head (above the helmet!) and twice in the thigh. Unfortunately, one of the paintballs that hit me didn't explode on impact, so it hurt a lot more. I now have a bruise that is larger than a 50c coin.

I also went to see Oblivion - spontaneous decision. I'll write about this more in a few days.

How was your week?