Friday, March 30, 2012

Capitol Colors

I'm completely obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy! I've read the books twice each now. 
China Glaze released a collection called "Capitol Colours" which was inspired by The Hunger Games. 
The collection features 12 new polishes, each representing one of the districts in the books. 
I bought these at OzNail Beauty Supplies in Braybrook. They sell a huge variety of nail polishes including O.P.I, China Glaze and Orly. 

L-R: Luxe and Lush (District 1), Stone Cold (District 2), Riveting (District 3), Hook and Line (District 4), Electrify (District 5), Fast Tract (District 6), Mahogany Magic (District 7), Dress Me Up (District 8), Harvest Moon (District 9), Below Deck (Anchors Away Collection), Agro (District 11), Smoke and Ashes (District 12)

I bought 11 of them - except for Fois Gras. I already have Below Deck from the Anchors Away collection and it looks really similar - it's a tad lighter than Fois Gras. Now that I think of it, the one I should have traded in was the Dress Me Up. In the bottle, it looks exactly the same as O.P.I's Barefoot in Barcelona. 
I may go back just for Fois Gras, just to complete the collection.

Also went to Bread Kingdom on Lonsdale St. I love the feel of the bakery! It seems like a nice place to just hang out and have a coffee. When Bibi and I bought our baked goods, one of the sales assistants put an extra bun into our bag as a free sample! Oh my gosh, I get so excited and happy when I get samples! I'm definitely going back there for these sorts of baked goods :)

Bibi and I also went to see The Hunger Games. I thought it was very good considering how much content the books had. I know for many people, the main complaint was that there were some details that were left out. I think the writers did a really good job trying to capture the whole book in the tiny space of 2 hours. 
I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read the Hunger Games! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games

I picked up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins this morning. I've heard great reviews for this novel but it never really compelled me to actually go to any lengths to get the book and read it.
I have to say, I will definitely act faster when people recommend books to me after reading this little gem!

This book had me captivated from the very start. I just couldn't stop reading it! I read it during all my lectures today, while I was eating lunch, while I was at SAMA's anime screening... 

The Hunger Games is set in a nation called Panem which is governed by a wealthy Capitol and there are 12 districts (noticeably poorer) surrounding it. Because of a rebellion against the Capitol, the 13th district was wiped from existence and a punishment called the Hunger Games was brought about, to display the power of the Capitol over the 12 districts. 
Each year, a male and female aged 12-18 are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games as tribute. 
Katniss, out of love for her younger sister, volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games in place of her  along side Peeta Mellark, the baker's son. 

For a hopeless, sappy romantic like me, this book really hit the spot when it came to balancing the romantic side of things and the plot of the book. 

I really do recommend this book to everyone! Pick it up before you go see the film at the cinema!

Are there any other books (with some romance) that you would recommend?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2

I finally got a new phone! The Samsung Galaxy S2 to replace my (crappy) old Nokia E63. 
It has a hole in the screen from when I dropped it, the keys don't respond the way I want them to... 
So good being able to access all these apps I couldn't use before!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Treats

I met up with a few friends after uni the other day. I was meant to buy a Oroton umbrella because I had a 50% coupon. But I didn't end up getting it. I figured I didn't really need an expensive umbrella!

There's a Happy Lab in Chadstone! I didn't know about this! 
I picked up three test tubes of Happy Beans - Lemon and Lime (my favourite!), Pear Happy and Peachy Pie
I like to eat these while I'm study, just to keep me going.

I also met up with some friends at a pool hall in the city and we went for dinner and dessert! 
Dinner at Shanghai Dumplings and dessert at Passionflower.

Waffles with Vanilla Bean and White Chocolate Hazel from Passionflower! 

I was lucky enough to be shouted by my friend, so thanks so much E!

What sweet treats do you like to treat yourself to?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Study Comics

I've taken to drawing cartoons during my lectures... especially Korean ones.
Although don't judge me too harshly! It's all very relevant!
I've been drawing some FFXIII characters for my cartoons :)
(Yes I am obsessed!)

My notes... :)

Snow: The Hero Is Here!
Lightning: You're noisy, be quiet!

We learn the pattern for asking permission and saying "Do whatever, I don't care!"
Lightning: Do whatever you like!
Snow: Can I marry Serah then?
Lightning: ... 
Lightning: NO!

Serah: Sis, will you be okay alone?

And how to use soft casual endings.
Snow: This ring...
Serah: It's so pretty~!

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIII, I finally finished the game! Woo!
I started XIII-2 and I've gotta say, I really like some of the changes to the gameplay! They've added so much more depth to the basic battle system of XIII which is really awesome! 
If any of you have played XIII, you'll know that you have to use certain paradigms in certain situations eg: Cerberus (COM-COM-COM) is best used on a single large enemy while staggered. 
However, you can customise your paradigms so that you can target a single monster or multiple monsters.
There are so many other new things I want to talk about, but I might save it for another post!

Have you ever drawn some comics or cartoons during class? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beautybay Order!

My Beautybay order came in today! I was really excited about this website when I found out about it because it sells Urban Decay! 

I have a few Urban Decay products (thanks to my dear friend Jen) and I really like the things I've tried! 
So I made an order for a few things, and no the Naked 2 is NOT one of them! 
(Although I would love to get my hands on it!)

It's so cute how it's shaped like a shopping bag!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils in Zero and Bourbon
Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Bobby Dazzle
Urban Decay Brow Box

For some reason, I accidentally ordered two of the Bobby Dazzle liquid liner instead of two of the Bourbon pencil liner. Herp Derp.
I'm just going to give it to Jen :)

I was rearranging my makeup on my tiny little dresser, and I realise how much of the same type of brown I have in my makeup collection. This is ridiculous, how am I supposed to use it all up?! Some of these haven't even been used yet! 
I will make a note to myself not to buy anymore eyeshadows until I hit pan on at least HALF of these shadows! 

Are there makeup products that you keep buying even though you already have so many similar ones?

Monday, March 12, 2012

New haircut!

I cut my hair! It wasn't meant to turn out like this! I was meant to cut more layers into the top half of my hair, like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, but not the whole side hair thing... I wasn't daring enough for that!

How pretty is she?! 
But as I kept cutting, I couldn't get my hair thin enough and I had cut it too short! It looked more and more like an Asian mullet haha!
So at 2am, I finally bit the bullet and cut it all off!

I had so many compliments about how well short hair suited me! A lot of people said it's a whole different look :)

Although I will try to grow out my hair so I can cut it like Lightning's.

Apparently I look like Nicole from KARA according to a few of my friends. She's so adorable! I don't think I look like her at all!

Have you ever done something impulsive last minute?