Saturday, May 26, 2012

Like this store? MeeQ!

I've been meaning to drop by this store ever since my friend first told me about it. MeeQ is an Asian variety/gift store, the type that sells cute stationery and homewares. It's at Caulfield Plaza across from Coles.

Double sided whiteboard and blackboard :D I've wanted one of these for so long but I've never found one that's small enough to sit on my desk. 

I used the blackboard to write a inspirational quote. I guess if I'm not studying, I'll flip it to this side to motivate me.

Daily to do list and my semester goals on the whiteboard side.

I've finally got an actual pencil case instead of using my makeup bag. It fits a surprising amount of stuff.

I finally found a blank notebook - unlined! I hate being constricted by the preruled lines in notebooks sometimes - especially for Korean. 

And this was more of a impulse buy more than anything else. I figured though, after I bought it, that I could use it to bring coffee/hot chocolate/chai latte to uni instead of spending so much money on them.

I probably should have also bought a desk lamp since mine sizzled out ):

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bunny Town

A fractured, suppressed Imagination. Squashed down by Logic and barred by Sensibility, Imagination couldn’t thrive and prosper like the others. Kept alive only by fragments of fantasy, Imagination survived. Only now does Imagination’s true value emerge and spread its wings. Like a phoenix, it will be born from its ashes again and again. Never to truly fade away.

Whatever whimsical, non-sensical trinkets that the trail of Imagination leaves becomes Bunny Town, a reminder of the beautiful things that Imagination creates. And often times, the most fractured Imagination gives birth to the most beautiful and truthful trinkets of all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mor and More Love

The OzSale order I put in a few weeks ago arrived. I've always wondered about MOR products but they've always been too pricey to justify buying anything. 

The packaging is so pretty! If only I had heaps of boxes that had that type of embossing and gold trim detail. They're pretty sheer and quite sticky so they're not amazing, but I'll keep using them nonetheless.  

I was reading someone's blog, and they mentioned the MOR roll on perfumes and how they smell really good and last all day. It smells super yummy, but I'm not too sure about the lasting power. I've used it for a few days but I always forget about it in the end.

False lashes! I'm curious to see how people actually manage to wear falsies on a daily occasion. I've worn falsies a few times for formals and such but not for no reason at all. They're not perfectly shaped so hopefully they don't look too strange.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

My online shopping addiction is terrible. I am getting better though. I have a mantra that I tell myself whenever I'm browsing a site and decide to buy something. 
I don't need this. Why do I need this? 

The lack of taupe eyeshadows in my collection prompted me to buy the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette from Beauty Bay. I've had my eye on this palette for quite some time. It's smaller than the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I do like the colours just a tiny bit more. I wish the UD Naked palette came with more light all over lid colours. The only ones I use for all over the lid are Sin and Toasted. Sidecar has too much fall out and Half Baked too gold. 

I also bought some Essie polishes - Mademoiselle and Long Stemmed Roses
Mademoiselle seems like the French pink colour for French manicures. I'm not too sure how it will fare against my skin tone, but I'm excited to use it. Long Stemmed Roses is a rich strawberry red with a hint of pink. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've fallen behind in all my studies. I know I promised myself I wouldn't, but everything went downhill after the Easter Break. Most of the time I'm wishing that we don't get the Easter Break for the sole reason that it breaks my focus. Desk is now clean and ready for intense study over the next few 3 weeks. 

My schedule doesn't look like much, but my NTS page reads: 

• Finish writing Week 7-12 Accounting Notes
•  Finish writing week 5-12 Marketing Notes
• Finish writing Korean grammar and phases
<< No Gaming! >>

I still need to add:
•  Do accounting practice exam
•  Re-do accounting homework questions
•  Do marketing practice exam
•  Make up own Korean practices

It's time to get my nerd on.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've decided to rename this blog from Empire Rouge to Bunny Town. The reason being that blogging has become a creative outlet for me. Having been restricted from any sort of creative freedom in my childhood, I wanted to create something that's all me. Anything that's the result of my fractured imagination is part of Bunny Town

The new layout is also a reflection of what limited creative projects I had in my childhood. Although it isn't original, it's a better mirror of me than the modern Blogger layouts. 

A new bracelet to add to my stackable bracelets. I've been turning to gold jewellery more than silver. I used to think that it didn't suit me at all, but I find that now, silver is harder to wear. 

I'm pretty sure I can make something like this, it's just a matter of getting the right materials, like a hot glue gun and the findings.

Melody from Melludee linked me to this bag which she got for $5.

I really wanted the bag, and it became my window of opportunity to order some more clothes and shoes for the winter. I should probably sell some of my other shoes, especially since I don't wear them anymore. They're still in pretty good condition - save for one pair which makes it look vintage. 
Perhaps on Etsy or this blog?

I got a little bit creative with my nail polish this week. I thought making this design would be easy, but it's hard getting the triangles even and straight. 

I was in the library today, and for some reason I became really irritated by the high school students. Granted their school is on the campus of the university, but honestly, don't you think that university students get priority? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obsessed? Yes.

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all doing well!

I finally got all my assignments out of the way! 

But it means I need to study up for exams.

I finally got around to buying physical copies of The Hunger Games!
They're paperback. They have a bit of a Twilight feel to them (quite regrettably may I add). But they're mine. And I got them for $30! 
I don't think I'll ever actually open it up and read it, because I don't want to damage them. They're there to make my bookshelf a little nicer. 

And to further fuel my obsession with The Hunger Games, my mockingjay pin arrived! 
I bought it from Etsy for pretty cheap and I put it on my backpack. 

Yeah I don't care if people judge me. It's not as if I'm wearing a "Team Jacob" t-shirt.

Indeed, Joey and Chandler. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Assignment Blues

 Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well!

So, the last few days have been dedicated to my assignments, and one in particular gave me so much pain!

Yup, there's the motivation. I must finish or no sleep! 
I got some sleep the first night, but absolutely none the night before it was due.
I did get most of it done the first night/second day so all that was left to do was to write two 300 word paragraphs, format the report and write up the references.

Page numbering in Microsoft word is so painful ):

Today, I went to Chadstone with E and B. We ended up on a bus that goes absolutely no where near Chadstone, and had to walk to a bus stop that did. 
It was a bit of an adventure and it was fun, but E and I were craving sashimi.

Initially, we were going to Chadstone to help E pick out new shoes. 
But I walked into Kikki.K and walked out with these.
All my loose leaf papers are getting messy and I need somewhere to store my hand outs!

I made another bracelet! Fusionbeads finally sent in the correct components and so I made this Paris inspired one!

Nom, milk tea and pudding.