Friday, July 6, 2012


Yesterday I came home from camp, organised by the awesome committee of SAMA (Society of Anime and Manga Appreciation).

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ タダイマァ

I went on this camp last year, and I had a really great time then. This year was no different.

I was made a team leader this year for the first day of activities. I thought our team was very cute and we had a pretty awesome name - Badger Badger Badger Badger (Mushroom! Mushroom!). It reminds me of Teemo ^^

My team came 3rd last (I was never really a valuable addition to any team rankings haha!) and so we had to clean up for dinner the first night. My hands were like... granny fingers ): But my hands ended up being really really smooth afterwards .__.

Definitely a lot of memories to do with drinking. Some very adorable one-drink-and-they're-completely-drunk people and some others were pretty rowdy.

All in all, everyone had heaps of fun! Meeting new people, learning to play new games and just having heaps of fun. I love camps.

I also ended up getting sick so I couldn't go to work today. I didn't want to infect all the customers with my violent coughing. So I'm researching how to build a computer from scratch!


My dad's going to help me but I want to choose and buy the parts myself. I don't want to clog up my Macbook Pro with all my games and stuff so I want to build a separate computer for all my games - Sims 3, League of Legends and Heroes of Might and Magic. 

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