Thursday, November 8, 2012

2013 Goals

I think I need to set my goals for 2013, just so I can get a head start on them now and make good habits out of them...

Oh boy.

  1. Attend every single lecture and tutorial: I have some discipline issues with this. A lot of the time I enjoy socialising too much to bring myself to actually get up and go to lectures. I guess this semester's attendance was a hell lot better than my first 3 semesters at uni. MUST. TRY. TO ATTEND. I need to bribe myself or something...  
  2. Study at the library: This one might help me with the no. 1. I figure if I spend more time at the library instead of hanging out at uni, I'll be more inclined to attend lectures.
I tried to keep it brief. I think if I went with too many goals, it would overwhelm me and it would just end badly.

I have an inability to save money. However, things have died down since I first started working. I don't want so many things anymore, which should help my cause.
  1. Computer parts: I want to build a new desktop for myself, for gaming mostly. I don't want my Macbook Pro to be filled with movies and games that will just distract me from study.
  2. Cosplay: I'm going to PAX Melbourne (whoo!) and I really want to cosplay. I don't want to buy a cosplay costume.. I want to make it and materials can get pricey. 
  3. No Impulse Purchasing: This is what most of my money goes to (next to food). I think I need to adopt the mantra from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'.
  4. Hong Kong: I want to go to Hong Kong during the summer of 2013/2014 with my friend. So I definitely want to save up for that.
  5. Use up all my makeup: I don't need anymore makeup! I haven't hit pan on anything so I really want to use up at least one of each type of makeup product. 
  1. Keeping Current Friends: As enjoyable as meeting new people is, I think I really want to consolidate on my existing friendships. I'm not one to need a lot of friends, just a few close ones makes me just as happy if not more. 
  2. Boys: I'm not going to hope for this one.
  1. Blogging: I definitely want to try make more of an effort with this blog. I think I just need to find a style of blogging and things to blog about. My day to day life isn't too interesting to talk about. Next year, I want to switch my focus to gaming and maybe life tips that I've picked up?
  2. Gaming: I let this go while I was in high school. My parents were very strict on me until Year 12 and I didn't get much of a chance to really try new games and improve my skills at strategy and theorycraft. League of Legends is definitely the game I want to master ... or attempt to master. 
  3. Streaming: This ties in with the last one. I kind of want to start this after I finish building my gaming computer.
  4. Drawing: I was never an excellent drawer, and I would really like to improve. 
  5. Piano: I think I really want to get back to piano. Just, playing and not thinking.

  1. Write down all my thoughts: I bought a moleskin today and I plan to use it for errant, rampant thoughts. It will help me calm myself and not be so overruled by my emotions.
  2. Swear less: It'll help with rage.
  3. Lots of exercise: I want to lose 10-15kg by May next year which is definitely achievable in my opinion. Not only is this for my health and self esteem, it's for cosplay too.
I will add more if I can think of them.

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EBXXIV said...

Hey if you want i can help with computer parts and i can build it too. Also i could attempt to teach some stuff about LoL, not sure if id make a good teacher tho >_>. Id love to hear your strats and theorycrafting :D