Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 3: 명동 (Myeongdong) & Skincare Haul

Today the 6 of us went to 명동 (Myeongdong) which is one of the popular shopping districts of Seoul. It is absolutely littered with makeup stores, clothing stores etc and it's very much directed at the younger generation. 

I didn't take that many pictures today because I do plan on going back again (possibly tomorrow?) at night time.

Many of the people who work at Myeongdong speak both Korean and Japanese. Some stores (especially skincare/makeup stores) will even have staff who speak Chinese. The restaurant we went to had a Japanese worker so Saaya and Andy were able to converse with him freely. We even managed to get a small discount off our bill.

The store I was most interested in (aside from the makeup stores) was the SPAO store. Their clothes seem quite nice - good quality and reasonably priced. I may go back and pick up a few things.  And also SM Entertainment's Everysing. SPAO is endorsed heavily by SM artists and the top floor sells SM Artist merchandise. It was interesting rifling through it all, but I wouldn't buy anything there. 

I'm not a fan merchandise buying type of person. I think it's tacky when people pull out folders etc with celebrity faces.

For dinner, Q and I ate at the station's little Japanese style restaurant. It's super cheap and it's not bad! 

We went to a nearby market to buy some fruit because we haven't had any fruit since we've arrived. Fruit can be really expensive here and there isn't a lot of variety. We got something like 25 mandarins for 2000KRW (about $2AUD).

This is my current adaptor set up. The adaptor won't fit into the socket properly, so until I can find either a power board or an adaptor that fits, this is how I'm charging my devices.

My haul from today was mostly skincare. I was in Aritaum because I was interested in their eyeshadow. There was a specific one I wanted: Golden Khaki.
I remember cl2425 talking about it in one of her Korean haul videos so I wanted to try it out for myself. 

There was a buy one get one free event. When the sales assistant told me about it, I looked at her blankly because I didn't understand her. It hit Q after a little bit and I picked up a brown eyeshadow too.

I also picked up a few Laneige products. There was a promotion going on - spend 100,000KRW or more and receive 20% off. 

I was determined to pick up a new skincare routine, so I settled with these products. 
L-R: Multiberry Yogurt Pack, White Plus Renew Essence, Light Power Essential Skin Refiner and Multi Cleanser. 
I plan on picking up a few more skin care products but those can wait since I still have samples to use up.

I also picked up a new planner from Artbox. They have a huge variety of planners, notebooks, accessories and other random things. I wanted to buy the whole store, but I controlled myself and bought only the planner. 
The pens I bought from a stationery store near my house. 

I'm so tired... we walked around so much today.


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Ingrid Borja said...

Hi there! I seriously love your blog! :) anyway just want to ask, from what store did you buy those pens? :)) because im planning to go to korea this year hehe thanks so much!