Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 7: 리쌍's Restaurant, Variety of Food

My trip is probably going to consist of food. Nonetheless, it's an adventure trying to find good food, cheap food, bad food, cute food...

Yesterday, classes started officially. I'm in the beginner's class since my language foundation is really weak. I wanted to really consolidate it. I mean, how can you improve upwards when your foundations are weak?

But anyway, since it was raining and snowing (!) yesterday, the 6 of us decided against finding the school cafeteria and instead, taxi-ed it down to our subway station. We went to the nearby department store for lunch. 

The best thing about Korea is how incredibly cheap food is. You don't have to always eat cheap food - as some nice things are a little bit more expensive (but it's still about the same price as lunch in Melbourne). 
This set here was 5,500KRW (about $5.50 AUD). It was extremely filling! I'm trying to make a habit out of eating everything - including the kimchi - because I have a really terrible habit of half eating things when I'm out. Besides, the more I eat at meals, the longer I can wait before eating my next meal. 

Later, I met up with Tony so we could eat 곱창 ( gopchang ) or 막창 ( makchang ). The difference between the two is that gopchang is the small intestines of either pork or beef while makchang is the large intestines. Both equally delicious. 

I'm pretty nonchalant when eating things like this. The guts are fine with me. However, the one thing I can't really eat are feet - chicken feet, pig trotters... 

Anyway, we found 리쌍's ( Leessang ) makchang restaurant. 

The decor is wall graffiti (which I think is quite cool) and the staff were really friendly.

So how do you get there?

The subway station you want is 건대입구역 or Konkuk University Station. It's fairly close by to the station, so just walk toward the bright lights of the restaurants and look out for the Leessang poster.

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