Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 4: 동대문 (Dongdaemun), 명동 Night, Beauty Haul

Another day of doing tourist-esque things. Today, the 6 of us took an excursion to 동대문 and explored the Doota 백화점. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about photos... 

The Doota Department Store is 9 floors (including one basement floor). For clothing for young adults at reasonable prices, you want B1 and 2F. I did end up buying two items of clothing. 

This sweater/top caught my eye on the sale rack. It has two holes in the shoulder area (which you can't see in the photo...) which is the main reason why I bought it. It was super cheap at 12,000 KRW (about $12 AUD). 

I've been really liking vests for the winter season and I really wanted one. This one is quite a long one and it has two pockets and a hood. I'll take a better photo featuring it later on. Again, quite cheap at 20,000 KRW (about $20 AUD).

I met up with my friend Tony and we ate near his hotel, close to COEX (?).

And then took at trip to 명동, but we couldn't shop a lot because we came too late as the shops were all closing.

We did manage to shop at a few cosmetic stores (hehe) before stopping at the cafe featured in We Got Married - 용서 (Yongseo).

Sweet Pumpkin Latte + ... (?)

This is what I hauled tonight. I know I'm buying a lot of things it seems, but I won't be in the mood to buy anything once classes start. I'm going to focus on studying. I prefer to buy all the things I need at the very start, rather than pick up bits and pieces on the way. I have a good idea of the things that I want to buy so I'm not exactly impulse purchasing.

The sheer amount of samples that makeup stores give out is insane. I love samples yet I can't bear to use them... 

Faceshop High Lighter Beam, Etude House Proof 10 Primer

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex You and Face Blusher 07 Pink Peach
(The actual colour of the blush is a little darker than what shows up in the photo.)

Tony Moly Party Gel Liners - 01 Black and 02 Brown

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

I have a big day ahead tomorrow so a mega post tomorrow?


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