Monday, January 21, 2013

My Filofax Week - Week 3

I present to you, this week's Filofax pages!

On Monday, I ate at another Korean BBQ buffet with Jade. The place is called 'Meating' which I think is the cutest name for a Korean BBQ restaurant. You're meeting with a friend to eat meat.

Tuesday was a day I had to myself. I went to 홍대 to explore it on my own. That was also the day I was late to class - by an hour! I was so frantic in the morning that I even forgot my homework!

Strawberries are normally ridiculously expensive in Korea. However, recently they've been reduced to half their price! I couldn't resist and bought a box. I had to eat them pretty quickly though (so much sugar!) but so worth it! I've been missing summer fruits.

Thursday saw a trip to 명동 with my friend Andy. He was pretty set on getting a pair of skinny jeans, as he's never owned any (!). This time of year in Korea, there are huge sales! Up to 50% ~ 70% off. I picked up a knitted cardigan that I had my eye on since the start of this trip for half price. It wasn't as flattering as I had hoped - but that's only because of my misunderstanding of my body.

My STYLENANDA package arrived on Friday, and I immediately used the nail polish that I ordered. It's a beautiful grey-blue colour. I'm seriously considering buying more - as backups, but I don't want to ship it back and who knows if I'll fall out of love with the color by the time I finish with it.

The weekends for me, are pure laziness. Overindulging on eggs and just gaming and sleeping my way through the weekend.

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