Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Filofax Week - Weeks 1 and 2

Having invested in a Filofax late last year, I've decided to participate in Angela of Paperlovestory's 'My Filofax Week'.

My Filofax week started out as an exclusive series of posts by Angela, who would take a picture of her Filofax week and post it. It's become so popular among Filofax aficionados that she's hosting it on her blog. 

Since I'm two weeks into 2013, I'm posting up two weeks worth of Filofax pages. 

My Filofax pages are a lot emptier since I'm using another diary to record the homework I have to do. I've discovered that with the workload that comes with university, that the Filofax days just don't accommodate well. 

The Filofax I currently own is the Metropol personal in Raspberry. At the time I bought it, I was eyeing the Filofax ranges and it so happened that there was a sale on the Metropol. I managed to snag it for about $35 AUD! The problem I have with this particular Filofax is that it doesn't lie flat. The fake leather just doesn't accommodate. 

My Filofax is extremely empty. I only have about 4 months of 'Week on Two Page' diary and about 10-15 other pages. 

I have another Filofax on the way - the Compact Osterley. It was previously owned by Angela, but she decided to put it up for sale. I was lucky enough to purchase it from her. It's currently sitting at home. In Melbourne, so I'll have to wait till I get back home in order to actually get my hands on it.

I'm a person who can't remember things in a chronological way. I often forget the order in which I've done things, much less which days I do things. I keep a blog and Filofax for this reason. I also need to write things down because it feels like all my thoughts gather in my head and I feel all cluttered and dizzy. 



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