Monday, February 4, 2013

My Filofax Week 5 + The Influence of Games on My Life

Unfortunately I didn't post my Filofax Week last week. I didn't do very much that week since all I was doing was studying and gaming and napping. It sounds boring, but it's actually my ideal way of spending time.

It makes me sound like such a no-life geeky moron, but in all honesty, gaming is one of my biggest interests in my life. Ever since I was about four or five years old, I've been playing games. From basic dress up games (which I played for hours funnily enough) to strategy games to MMORPGs (which are my favourites), it's been a constant presence in my life.

I was never an extremely social person. I didn't know how to interact with people and I'm just awkward in general. Gaming was the one way I could escape the reality where I lost friends and was bullied almost constantly. I never had it as bad as some people did, but it did make me feel crappy and alone.

Online, people didn't judge you by your appearance, your background or anything else. They judged you by your actions and behaviour. And besides, gaming was a fun and engaging way to kill time on the weekend instead of mindlessly watching television.

So needless to say, gaming was my solace in my childhood and still is to this day. I'm lucky that my friends all like gaming so I'm never really lonely anymore - even when online.

So, to the post that you're all interested in, last week's Filofax pages.

It's the 2nd last week of the Winter semester here at SNU and of my time here in Seoul, Korea. So I've got a lot on my plate with packing, study and last minute shopping.

Next week will be more interesting. Most probably.

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soyichan said...

Ahh gaming is so fun and relaxing :D
And I know that, me too it's a bit to get a long with people which i don't know.. idk, maybe i'm shy or just weird
People in 'real' world sometimes can be really brutal.. it's so sad actually