Monday, February 18, 2013

My Week #7

This week.

I'm finally back in Melbourne! After 24 hours of travelling, I finally made it home. With some duty free in hand. If you're Australian, and you're stopping at Singapore - check out their luxury cosmetics. It's a hell lot cheaper than it is in Australia.

This week, I've moved into my new Compact Osterley! It's beautiful, I love it. The day after I arrived home, my mum took me to the Buddhist temple. Apparently it's a bad year for those born under the Monkey zodiac. 

Valentine's Day was a non-event for me. It's a pretty depressing day every year. As much as I say that I don't like receiving flowers, I would like to receive roses just once in my life. Not even a whole bouquet, a single rose is fine too.

Oh boy, Friday. I enquired at work about whether or not there's possibilities of me returning before meeting up with my friends. My bros! After badminton, we went and watched Django Unleashed. My friends were all warning me about it being a Tarantino film, that maybe I shouldn't watch it. But I was insistent. 
It was a good film, but I covered my eyes when blood was flying everywhere and body parts were shot in the most painful way possible. 
That night ... well, you can refer to my last post for that.


Anonymous said...

I love your week. So simple, but just enough color to keep it interesting. Congrats on moving into the Osterley!

EBXXIV said...

yo what is that basketball game about, do you play?