Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ASOS Haul!

Who doesn't love shopping online? Certainly not me!
I put in an order on because I really wanted a new backpack. I already have a small pleather one but it wasn't big enough to carry all my books for uni. My shoulder bag has been wonderful at being a book bag for the past 4 years, but it's taken a toll on my shoulders and back. 

I am proud to present my new Herschel Settlement backpack! 

I had been shopping around online for a decent quality backpack. I had my eye on a Jansport one, but I never really liked the logo. I stumbled upon the brand Herschel while I was looking on Amazon and it suddenly dawned on me just how popular these bags are! 
I think they're the male equivalent of the Longchamp Le Pliage! I've seen so many guys walking around with a Herschel backpack or something that looks similar. 
Not to mention I'm starting to grow out of my old style of clothes. I'm starting to lean more toward gender neutral, almost tomboyish clothes. 

I also bought these shoes! I've been really wanting a pair of flat Mary Jane T-bars (I have a pair of heeled ones too) to go with dresses that I don't have the right shoes to match. These will be perfect for some of my dresses!

Also had a little makeup splurge! Some lipstains and an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Olive. 

Pukka Pad! I've decided to use this for my exam revision notes. That way I can carry it around with me and it's not too bulky!

I've been feeling really stressed and negative in the last few days. Thank god Bibi, H and H (haha) were in the mood to go out for chat over macarons and drinks.
La Belle Miette macarons and some pear nectar from Brunetti's.


khatsii said...

nice haul love :] that backpack looks cute! does it carry a lot of stuff & somewhat take the weight off your back a little? :]

also i love your little TOP emoticon there :D

h.tea said...

Omggg I have been eyeing similar looking shoes from Primark!! AND OMG I ALMOST DIED FROM HAPPINESS WHEN I SAW THEM ON ASOS!! Can you please (x 848348) let me know if the heel bit is completely flat or if there's a small heel (I hope that didn't sound stupid lol) and if the shoes show toe cleavage?