Friday, April 20, 2012

Online shopping - the deliveries!

Hi Lovelies, hope you're all doing well!

So I got a couple of packages in the mail in the last few days~

My new phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S2! I can't exactly remember which site I bought it from, but the shipping is so ridiculously expensive, I won't bother.
The case wasn't very expensive, so I could justify even purchasing this.

Hello Kitty Bow Samsung Galaxy S2 case

My Fusion Beads package also came in the mail! I had ordered a few pearls and beads to make some jewellery out of - namely bracelets. However, they didn't send me the toggle clasps. They were the most expensive part of the order and it wasn't sent! I sent them an email about it, but no reply. 
I think I'm just going to buy my next batch of beads from eBay instead!

My jewellery making tools

Also an Etsy package! 
My Hunger Games inspired jewellery! 
I have been totally obsessed with the Hunger Games. The story is so hauntingly captivating that I just can't stop re-reading it and looking for good fanfiction for it! 

Bow and arrow bracelet with Peeta's pearl (Etsy), Girl on Fire bracelet (made by me)

Mockingjay necklace (Etsy)
 Last night, someone introduced me to something rather strange...

Candy Bacon.

Candy Bacon
It smells awful! I think my nose wanted to fall off.

And also my Oroton Umbrella! 
I was thinking of buying the signature O umbrella, but the pink one was all sold out!
So I settled for this one.

The colour is called Oxblood which was part of the reason I bought this colour haha!

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Caroline said...

I love oroton umbrellas! lasts me ageees but is a little pricey but its worth it :) ahaha bacon candy? ive heard of bacon ice cream but enver this, i would imagine it to smell a lil funny. that necklace is awesome, you're lucky to have it :D