Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food and Games

Hello Lovelies, hope you're all doing well!
Life of a uni student for me is basically food and games. 
It's terrible because I really should be doing my assignment right now, but the adrenaline hasn't hit me yet. Usually adrenaline helps me get better ideas and my work turns out better (ha!)

Last friday, I went to Dae Jang Geum for Korean BBQ for a friend's birthday dinner. To be honest, for what I paid, I wasn't very satisfied. Maybe if you're not too hungry but still want KBBQ, Dae Jang Geum is good. Although I would have rather paid $30 for all you can eat and stuffed my face full of samgyupsal. 

Also went to Passionflower! Mission Impossible! 

And then M's hot pot night! Definitely too much food that time round! She was such a lovely host and everyone made the night so much fun. Games of the night included Mario Kart DS, Mahjong and Monopoly Deal. We had a little Monopoly Deal tournament and V won! She's so good at it. 
And big thank you to S for picking me up and taking me home! 

My tiles and my giant pocky.

La Belle Miette macarons! I had a Deep and Meaningful with my best friend and it's always the divine Salt Caramel macaron that we have! 
Oh and her raspberry one too.

Possibly my favourite game of all time, Heroes of Might and Magic! 
I thought I was the only one who played this game, but a lot of my friends have played it too!
It's a turn based strategy. You command an army to try and achieve the objective of the map.
I'm terrible at the game, because I tend to run out of money very quickly. But nonetheless, I love it!

More Deep and Meaningful food with Bibi. 

Today's lunch. Milk tea with pearls from Easyway and Salmon sushi. Yuuum!

My YesStyle package arrived the other day. I know I wasn't supposed to buy more makeup, but there were some things that I didn't own. Mainly olive/khaki eyeshadows, a eyeliner, concealer and powder foundation. 
The Skinfood loose powder has a very strong perfume which I don't really like. I'm not too fussy about scented products, but it's so heavily scented I can't really use it!
I also accidentally ordered TWO of the Missha Khaki Combination palette. Luckily I like it enough to keep the palette and not sell it or give it away. I might change my mind later.

So that's me for the week! I have an assignment to do so I probably won't blog again until late next week. 

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Sue said...

Craving macarons! Seriously haven't had one in way too long.