Tuesday, April 17, 2012

❥ - - - Melbourne Bloggers Yum Cha

Hello Lovelies!

I'm sure you've seen at least half a dozen of these blog posts... but last Thursday I met up with some lovely bloggers for some Yumcha. Thank you to the lovely Sue and Melody for organising this!

We went to Rainbow for the Yum cha buffet. To be totally honest, I think everyone was so polite and we didn't eat very much because of it. I guess no one wanted to look weird by stuffing their faces with dim sims haha!

Back Row L-R: May, Melody, Lis and Megu
Front Row L-R: Me, Sue, Tam and Steph

A few of us were itching to try the new Lip Butters that are now at Priceline! They were having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. I picked up another two, Berry Smoothie and Cherry Tart. 
I think that's all the Lip Butters I'm going to try. 

Silly face!

Today I had to hand in Accounting assignment. I was so stressed about it because I didn't know how to use MYOB T__T

Yeah, I'm scared of MYOB okay? It's scary and confusing ):

I finally got it done with the help of my friend, yay! 

And because I want to share my daily dose of Josh Hutcherson...

Oh and to h.tea:
The shoes do show slight toe cleavage towards the pinky toe and it's got this tiny heel. Nothing noticeable or anything but it's not completely flat ^__^


Caroline said...

Ooo, I'm glad you had fun! Too bad I couldn't go but hopefully I'll be able to at the next gathering :)
LOL that always happens with the no one eating situation but I'm always the one to break it because I love way to much so sacrifice the awkwardness I'll get haha was the restaurant goood? never heard of it before but from melody's photos, it looks yummy

Sue said...

Haha I agree everyone was quite polite. I swear if I wasn't bloated on water I would've attacked the food trolleys LOL.

h.tea said...

Thank you for the reply! You are too sweet :D!