Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mor and More Love

The OzSale order I put in a few weeks ago arrived. I've always wondered about MOR products but they've always been too pricey to justify buying anything. 

The packaging is so pretty! If only I had heaps of boxes that had that type of embossing and gold trim detail. They're pretty sheer and quite sticky so they're not amazing, but I'll keep using them nonetheless.  

I was reading someone's blog, and they mentioned the MOR roll on perfumes and how they smell really good and last all day. It smells super yummy, but I'm not too sure about the lasting power. I've used it for a few days but I always forget about it in the end.

False lashes! I'm curious to see how people actually manage to wear falsies on a daily occasion. I've worn falsies a few times for formals and such but not for no reason at all. They're not perfectly shaped so hopefully they don't look too strange.

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NGO said...

I think they would be easier to wear as demi lashes for day to day.