Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Assignment Blues

 Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well!

So, the last few days have been dedicated to my assignments, and one in particular gave me so much pain!

Yup, there's the motivation. I must finish or no sleep! 
I got some sleep the first night, but absolutely none the night before it was due.
I did get most of it done the first night/second day so all that was left to do was to write two 300 word paragraphs, format the report and write up the references.

Page numbering in Microsoft word is so painful ):

Today, I went to Chadstone with E and B. We ended up on a bus that goes absolutely no where near Chadstone, and had to walk to a bus stop that did. 
It was a bit of an adventure and it was fun, but E and I were craving sashimi.

Initially, we were going to Chadstone to help E pick out new shoes. 
But I walked into Kikki.K and walked out with these.
All my loose leaf papers are getting messy and I need somewhere to store my hand outs!

I made another bracelet! Fusionbeads finally sent in the correct components and so I made this Paris inspired one!

Nom, milk tea and pudding.


Huy Tran said...

gotta love the sudden motivation the night before the due date. :)

sophler said...

I think I see a Q Manual from Monash, hehe! Good luck with the studying too, you're disciplined in making that effort telling yourself not to sleep. I've done all-nighters, starting an assignment when it was due. It's not fun, but I never seem to learn my lesson! Haha.