Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've decided to rename this blog from Empire Rouge to Bunny Town. The reason being that blogging has become a creative outlet for me. Having been restricted from any sort of creative freedom in my childhood, I wanted to create something that's all me. Anything that's the result of my fractured imagination is part of Bunny Town

The new layout is also a reflection of what limited creative projects I had in my childhood. Although it isn't original, it's a better mirror of me than the modern Blogger layouts. 

A new bracelet to add to my stackable bracelets. I've been turning to gold jewellery more than silver. I used to think that it didn't suit me at all, but I find that now, silver is harder to wear. 

I'm pretty sure I can make something like this, it's just a matter of getting the right materials, like a hot glue gun and the findings.

Melody from Melludee linked me to this bag which she got for $5.

I really wanted the bag, and it became my window of opportunity to order some more clothes and shoes for the winter. I should probably sell some of my other shoes, especially since I don't wear them anymore. They're still in pretty good condition - save for one pair which makes it look vintage. 
Perhaps on Etsy or this blog?

I got a little bit creative with my nail polish this week. I thought making this design would be easy, but it's hard getting the triangles even and straight. 

I was in the library today, and for some reason I became really irritated by the high school students. Granted their school is on the campus of the university, but honestly, don't you think that university students get priority? 

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