Friday, August 31, 2012

Amazing Food Day

I finally paid for my tickets to South Korea today! I'm so excited!

So scary carrying $1400 in cash... 

This morning I made a Nutella mug cake!

It looks kind of gross, but it was super yummy!

I tried the new lamb wrap from McDonalds. It was soo yummy! I really wanted more!

I had dinner tonight at Guhng. The restaurant itself looks quite nice. 

So yummy! We bought the Set Menu. It wasn't too expensive (since my friend had the entertainment card), but normally it's about $30 per person. 

Today was a good food day.

Pony xx

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Kathy said...

Yay I love how you're blogging more often :D Wow, I'm so jelly!! You're going to live every kpop fangirl's dream hahah.Are you going with your friends? That'll be so cool! xD the red bean rice reminds me of City hunter for some reason haha.