Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Japanese Variety Goods

So I'm a really bad blogger. I don't update as much as I would like, and I keep forgetting to take photos/too shy to take photos. I should be more shameless so I can be a better blogger.

Baskin Robins!

I also discovered another $2.80 store. It's in the shopping center in Burwood where the 24/7 Coles/Kmart is . Is it just me or are heaps of these sprouting up all over Melbourne?

Heat packs - These caught my eye because I've always wanted some because I suffer from extremely cold hands sometimes.

They also sold My Beauty Diary facemasks. It was $18 for the box which I don't think was a bad deal. I think this is the only Asian skincare I'm willing to buy in Australia because the prices are similar online and in store.

Vanilla Milk Bath with Honey Powder - The Japanese really like taking baths so they have all sorts of powders they put in their baths. I like baths too but often they're too time consuming and water wasting to do . I'll save this for a special occasion when I want to feel pretty.

More storage! I have a particular affliction where I am innately messy. I thought if I had more of these storage baskets and containers, my room wouldn't look as messy because I can now put things in baskets.

I haven't visited the new Daiso store in the CBD, but I really want to see if there are any other new and quirky things that I want to pick up.

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Kathy said...

Welcome back Jessica! :)
Yeah I've been noticing a lot of those stores across Melbourne as well. Ohhh that $2.80 shop is near my Uni! :D I also got the bath powder too, but mine's in cherry blossom.Nice to see you blogging again :)