Saturday, August 18, 2012

Daiso - Melbourne CBD


I finally paid a visit to the Melbourne CBD Daiso store. I've been to the Richmond one and it pales in comparison to the new store. It's huge!
Unfortunately I forgot to take photos.

But I wanted to buy so many things! The only thing stopping me was the fact that I was aware of how I was going to get all these things home.

So I have another small Japanese variety goods haul.

Pencils. A little bit random, but I miss using pencils. I was oddly envious of people using pencils so I wanted to use them again. 

Trash can. I have a lot of tissues and scrap papers on my desk and I don't really have a bin in my room. I usually have to throw it in a bag and leave it on the floor.
[ League of Legends stream going on in the background...]

Shopping bag. It was so cute! There's so many different designs and everything. Like with cute makeup pouches, I wanted them all!

Cough Syrup. I didn't buy this from Daiso, but it's helped me with my cough. Codral didn't work so the pharmacist gave me this. It tastes pretty bad...

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