Friday, March 30, 2012

Capitol Colors

I'm completely obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy! I've read the books twice each now. 
China Glaze released a collection called "Capitol Colours" which was inspired by The Hunger Games. 
The collection features 12 new polishes, each representing one of the districts in the books. 
I bought these at OzNail Beauty Supplies in Braybrook. They sell a huge variety of nail polishes including O.P.I, China Glaze and Orly. 

L-R: Luxe and Lush (District 1), Stone Cold (District 2), Riveting (District 3), Hook and Line (District 4), Electrify (District 5), Fast Tract (District 6), Mahogany Magic (District 7), Dress Me Up (District 8), Harvest Moon (District 9), Below Deck (Anchors Away Collection), Agro (District 11), Smoke and Ashes (District 12)

I bought 11 of them - except for Fois Gras. I already have Below Deck from the Anchors Away collection and it looks really similar - it's a tad lighter than Fois Gras. Now that I think of it, the one I should have traded in was the Dress Me Up. In the bottle, it looks exactly the same as O.P.I's Barefoot in Barcelona. 
I may go back just for Fois Gras, just to complete the collection.

Also went to Bread Kingdom on Lonsdale St. I love the feel of the bakery! It seems like a nice place to just hang out and have a coffee. When Bibi and I bought our baked goods, one of the sales assistants put an extra bun into our bag as a free sample! Oh my gosh, I get so excited and happy when I get samples! I'm definitely going back there for these sorts of baked goods :)

Bibi and I also went to see The Hunger Games. I thought it was very good considering how much content the books had. I know for many people, the main complaint was that there were some details that were left out. I think the writers did a really good job trying to capture the whole book in the tiny space of 2 hours. 
I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read the Hunger Games! 

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