Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Treats

I met up with a few friends after uni the other day. I was meant to buy a Oroton umbrella because I had a 50% coupon. But I didn't end up getting it. I figured I didn't really need an expensive umbrella!

There's a Happy Lab in Chadstone! I didn't know about this! 
I picked up three test tubes of Happy Beans - Lemon and Lime (my favourite!), Pear Happy and Peachy Pie
I like to eat these while I'm study, just to keep me going.

I also met up with some friends at a pool hall in the city and we went for dinner and dessert! 
Dinner at Shanghai Dumplings and dessert at Passionflower.

Waffles with Vanilla Bean and White Chocolate Hazel from Passionflower! 

I was lucky enough to be shouted by my friend, so thanks so much E!

What sweet treats do you like to treat yourself to?

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