Monday, March 12, 2012

New haircut!

I cut my hair! It wasn't meant to turn out like this! I was meant to cut more layers into the top half of my hair, like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, but not the whole side hair thing... I wasn't daring enough for that!

How pretty is she?! 
But as I kept cutting, I couldn't get my hair thin enough and I had cut it too short! It looked more and more like an Asian mullet haha!
So at 2am, I finally bit the bullet and cut it all off!

I had so many compliments about how well short hair suited me! A lot of people said it's a whole different look :)

Although I will try to grow out my hair so I can cut it like Lightning's.

Apparently I look like Nicole from KARA according to a few of my friends. She's so adorable! I don't think I look like her at all!

Have you ever done something impulsive last minute?

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