Thursday, March 15, 2012

Study Comics

I've taken to drawing cartoons during my lectures... especially Korean ones.
Although don't judge me too harshly! It's all very relevant!
I've been drawing some FFXIII characters for my cartoons :)
(Yes I am obsessed!)

My notes... :)

Snow: The Hero Is Here!
Lightning: You're noisy, be quiet!

We learn the pattern for asking permission and saying "Do whatever, I don't care!"
Lightning: Do whatever you like!
Snow: Can I marry Serah then?
Lightning: ... 
Lightning: NO!

Serah: Sis, will you be okay alone?

And how to use soft casual endings.
Snow: This ring...
Serah: It's so pretty~!

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIII, I finally finished the game! Woo!
I started XIII-2 and I've gotta say, I really like some of the changes to the gameplay! They've added so much more depth to the basic battle system of XIII which is really awesome! 
If any of you have played XIII, you'll know that you have to use certain paradigms in certain situations eg: Cerberus (COM-COM-COM) is best used on a single large enemy while staggered. 
However, you can customise your paradigms so that you can target a single monster or multiple monsters.
There are so many other new things I want to talk about, but I might save it for another post!

Have you ever drawn some comics or cartoons during class? 

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