Monday, June 4, 2012

Exam 1

Exams are never easy, especially for someone like me. 
I know I have the ability to do well in exams, I don't know why I don't bother studying. It feels like I need to really study hard to do acceptably well. What I do not understand, is how people who do not study at all do so well. Perhaps they have a higher IQ? 

My bed has now become the place where I study. I really need to clean out my room and maybe even rearrange it. The desk I have now is too old and it encourages hoarding. I really need to de-clutter my life.

Met up with my Commerce girls for some lunch before the exams. I enjoy Commerce so much more with Eggy and Spermy (don't ask...). I'm hoping that my friendship with them won't ever end. They're super special to me...  

Post accounting exam dinner with Annie, Eric and Maggie. Annie wanted to eat cheese deokbokki, so we went to Let's Bab Cafeteria in Homesglen. I love cheese and deokbokki, so it wasn't too weird for me. 

I'm going to try to blog everyday from now on. It's hard to find things to write about, but I feel like if I don't write something everyday, I might forget things about my life I want to desperately remember.

xx Pony.
(Pony is my nickname from Eggy and Spermy)
Maybe I should change the name to Pony Town?

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