Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Foodly Pleasures

Today I had my 2nd exam out of three. 

My "healthy" breakfast.  Considering how little breakfast I eat on most days of the week, this is a LOT. 
Shin Ramyun with greens and sausage, some egg mayonaise, Yakult, Matcha latte and a mandarin. Needless to say I was ready for the day. 

I had some last minute revision with creme brulee with ice cream from the cafe next to the racecourse. 

... The exam was a disaster. I couldn't really answer any of the questions with any conviction. I knew the material, but because it's about wording and what not I couldn't recall some of the more important points.

So after the disaster that was my Marketing exam, I was in desperate need for food. 

So with my dear Eggy and Spermy, we went to eat Korean at Big Mama. 

Cheese deokbokki! So yum. 

Spermy then took us to a frozen yoghurt place called Tutto along Grattan St. 
They sell all sorts of different sweet treats as well as frozen yoghurt. The person at the counter was nice enough to let me take photos ^^

Green Tea, Biscottini and Original flavour.
They were all super yum. I'll definitely come back to try some of their other things!

Definitely a good food day.

Pony xx


Melody said...

oh LOL
I read that wrong and thought the macaron store was called 'Spermy' hahahahah

Sue // said...

Why don't I know about this Tutto place... especially considering I go to uni on Grattan St LOL! Shall have to hunt it down!!!

Spermy said...

:O i think spermy needs a new nameover LOL although i do find myself getting attached. haha don't forget the north melbourne detour!