Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post Exams Life

Exams are done! 

Really at this point, I don't care if I've failed (and there's a very good chance I've failed at least 2 units...).
Pretty much after exams, I got straight back into work - full time. 
So now I'll be loaded, but with no time for myself. 

So other than working, I've been eating and playing LoL (League of Legends).

Stuff Tim Tams! These are hands down the best chocolate biscuits. They're hazelnut so already they're so much better than Tim Tams.

Dinner at Box Hill near the tram stop - I can't remember the name?! 

I don't care much for seafood so I didn't really enjoy it, but if you enjoy it then give it a try. Everything comes out super fast. 

New cafe at uni - Pork belly and brie roll and chai latte. I wish there was more crackling. Crackling is pretty much the only reason why I bought this haha. 

Frozen yoghurt from Cacao green. I don't understand why they gave me two spoons... I walked into the store alone. Way to rub in the fact that I'm #foreveralone.

So I've been getting back into League of Legends lately. I left it for a while because of study and now I'm back. So much rage in games lately.

This was pretty much me when my friend dibs support when it was pretty obvious that my role in our group of friends is support. 

Listening to all my troll friends play is pretty funny. Especially if they play ARAM.

Pony xx

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