Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Ran Into A Door

Another super cold day in Melbourne. 

I ran into a door the other day. I sometimes have trouble judging distance so it's little wonder I walked into  a door. 
It doesn't help that I bruise like a peach. 
It's strange because I can see all the pores (?) in that area.
I didn't know until a few weeks ago that "I ran into a door" was the standard excuse that kids told to people when they showed up with bruises - from being hit by their parents. But I assure you that this bruise is definitely from a door.

Face of the Day.

I spent the day studying with Eggy, Spermy and her cousin, Stella. 
We like to bring lollies and stuff to snack on during our study sessions. This is all our snack food, coffee and energy drinks. Sugar overload much?

Admittedly I was being annoying in the library, breaking one of my own golden library rules. 
I have no idea what got into me today, I just felt so chatty. I feel really apologetic to all the people around me because while we were trying to keep our conversation to whispers, I'm sure they were getting quite annoyed. 

I think I broke all my rules. I feel kind of disgusting for it.

That was probably what everyone was thinking.

I'm going to be silent tomorrow. I'll write/type whatever I have to say to my buddies. If you try and sit next to me, I will death stare you, but I won't try and save a seat. 

We took a walk after a few hours of studying because the library was getting stuffy and Eggy wanted food. So I got a Magnum Gold. One of my favourites because it's got a double layer of chocolate :D

Came home to find this for dinner. My parents realise now that in order to make me eat fish, it has to be salmon and it has to be raw. My dad always cuts some up for me :)

Tomorrow, I promise to be good.

Pony xx

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lizchewy said...

I am the same like you!! I can't judge distance well too and I always walk into door or furniture >___<

Good luck with studying!!