Friday, June 1, 2012

The Library Demographic

It's exam period now and many students are using the library to escape their dungeons of procrastination (otherwise known as their room). However, it's this time of the year that brings the worst out of people from the annoying to the felons. I like to visit the library during the semester (makes for good study area) but I hate it during SWOTVAC season.

The Annoying

  • Loud People: These are the general nuisances of the library. People who go to the library to "group study" and end up just talking all day to their friends. 
  • Stupid Loud People: Like above, but with an extra dollop of stupid. You feel less intelligent by the minute sitting nearby. Plan of Attack: Find a new seat. Imm√©diatement.
  • Couples: Constant chatter, occasional PDA. Sometimes even extreme PDA. These people need to get a room. They'll study better there than in the library, and they won't be all up in your face with their saliva. 
The "I want to throw a knife in your face" Annoying
  • The Haulers: People who show off things to their friends, like new ASOS purchases.
  • The Insecure: People who sit next to you when the library is abound in empty tables.
  • The Chair Stealers: You leave your chair for a few minutes and some magpie has stolen your precious chair.
  • The Removalists: People who physically move your things so that they can squeeze their fat asses on the table.
  • The Sleepers: People who come to the library and just sleep. No books. 
The Felons
This particular group you really need to be wary of. They take any opportunity to take your things if you leave them unattended for even a second.
  • Take ALL valuables with you when you go to the bathroom. Phone, wallet, any electronics. Pack your bag with your laptop if you brought that along.
  • Keep an eye on any small electronics even if you're not at your table - some very nimble fingered thieves try and steal things from under your nose if you're not careful and observant. 
  • Pack a lunch and lots of snacks - this also takes care of The Removalists and Chair Stealers.
General Etiquette
This is the sort of "list of rules" I try to stick by.
  • By all means, save your seat if you're going out for a quick bite to eat or a coffee, but it is very rude to save seats for people who actually haven't arrived at the library. They can save their own seats. I'm quite reluctant to save seats for others, especially because I get quite frustrated by it myself.
  • A Quiet Area means that you don't talk. Or at least not at a volume where everyone sitting in the vicinity of you can hear what you bought online or what "that bitch" did.
  • If someone has their charger in a powerpoint before you, it means that they get priority. Don't bother asking because how would you feel if they asked you for the same?
  • Keep your stuff on your own table. Simple enough.
  • If you have to answer your phone, leave the area before you go into a lengthy conversation.
  • Be a decent human being.

The conclusion: Study alone or quietly with one other friend. In the area where other people study alone. Or in the Law library.

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